Pool Information

Guest Information

Swimming Pool Policy

A.  Pool Rate for the summer are as follows:
Pass Type Members of COC 
or COS Families
Daily Pass
Singles (Season)
2-3 in family* (Season)
4-7 in family* (Season)
8+ in family* (Season)
Applications for the passes are available on the table in the lobby of the church.
*Living at home.

B.  Who may use the pool?  COC members, their families, and COS families.  Guests of the aforementioned group are allowed at the daily rate if accompanied by an adult.  Members of "Sister Congregations" may swim at the above rates.  COC reserves the right to limit passes.

C.  The pool will be open from June 8 to August 14.

D.  Hours of swimming:

1:30 - 4:30 PM     Daily
2:00 - 5:00 PM     Sunday
6:00 - 8:00 PM     Wednesday and Saturday

When the air temperature is below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, or in stormy weather the pool will not open.

E.  General Pool Safety and Regulations
  1. No swimming during electrical storms.
  2. No bikinis, cut offs or immodest swim wear (both men and women) will be allowed.  (Lifeguard's discretion.)
  3. All flotation devices must be used in the shallow end.
  4. No frisbees or other hard objects will be allowed in the pool area.
  5. No eating, drinking or smoking inside the pool fence.
  6. Please, take all clothes, towels and other personal articles with you when you leave the pool area.
  7. No diving at the shallow end of the pool.
  8. Stay off the dividing rope.
  9. Please, be responsible for you small children in the pool area.
  10. COC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  11. Pool privileges are for COC members, those related to COC members, COS families and members of Sister Congregations.  The pool is not open to the general public.
  12. We request that children be strong swimmers before they be allowed to play or swim in the deep water.  Our definition of a "strong swimmer" is one who has passed at  least the Beginner Class in the Red Cross series.  The swimmer should be able to swim the width of the pool twice without stopping.  For your children's safety please do not ask us to make exceptions to this rule.
  13. If the air temperature is below 75 degrees, the pool will not open.  Also, if the air temperature drops below 75 degrees, the pool will close.
  14. Restrooms are located in the office area of the church.  Please help keep them clean.  (No fun and games in the church building.)
We ask that you encourage your children to view the lifeguard at the pool as an extension of your authority as parents.  The pool can be a pleasant experience for all as we extend our Christian behavior and attitudes to the pool area as well as other areas of our lives together.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION WITH THESE POLICIES.